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Dry Floatation Experience at VB Limerick only €79


Experience Vanilla Browns Dry Floatation with Full Body exfoliation and Hydration wrap for only €79.*

Dry flotation is a uniquely peaceful experience. Enjoy a relaxed state of weightlessness and take your mind anywhere as you drift away. This treatment promotes an overall feeling of health and wellbeing, helping you relax, de-stress and detox, relieving fatigue and any aches or pains. They say it's the equivalent of eight hours sleep.

Indulge in the dry floatation experience, Follow your floatation with a deep full-body exfoliation treatment and a Hydration body wrap to have you feeling smooth and silky, head to toe. Utter bliss.

*available in Vanilla Browns Limerick only


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Indulge in our Dry floatation experience with a Full Body exfoliation & Hydrating body wrap in Vanilla Browns Limerick for only €79